Series HITEC lockers

Series HITEC lockers

Patentverwag Series A Lockers are currently best sellers in Italy. This is due to their extreme robustness, design and technical characteristics.
However the most advanced aesthetic trend leans towards emphasising the “aluminium tone” at the normally used for the doors.
In this way, having overcome significant technical difficulties, Patentverwag has created a door extruded in anodised aluminium with a slightly rounded section in the style of a gulls wing, that inserts perfectly into the structure of the Series A lockers: and so a new range of lockers, the HITEC Series, is born.
The new door allows the production of lockers whose front panel is completely constructed from anodised aluminium, right through from the supports to the doors. The innovation is essentially aesthetic in that the characteristic of an anodised aluminium door are only marginally qualitatively superior, (rigidity, finish etc.) to a laminated door.
This range of lockers is currently used mostly in fitness centre changing rooms where designers want to bestow the privilege of a HIGH TECH feel to the detriment of “colour”.

Technical description
High pressure laminated plastic sheet (HPL); 6 mm for the sides, 4 mm for the black, 8 mm for the intermediate shelves; anodised aluminium sections 15/100 mm.
Intermediate shelves
Stratified hardboard 6 mm thick, with adjustable zama coated supports with an opaque finish.
Extruded anodised aluminium, winged section, thickness from 8 mm to 16 mm, nylon finishing with rounded edges.
In soft plastic material.
In aluminium and nickel plated brass, with box, finishing, external combination lock and bolt in nylon.

Standard Models

F572/A/I/R – Mod. A60/3/A

F573/A/I/R – Mod. A90/A

F575/A – Mod. A150P/A

F576/A – Mod. A180/A

Accessories and options

S 551 Door numbering
S 593 SPadlock
S 556 Wall-fastened clothes hook
S 555/F Inside shelf
S 595 Plinth in anodized Aluminium
S 511 Key-lock K97 with token or coin
S 513 Stainless steel coin box KASS/X