Patentverwag Italia was founded in 1971, originally as a manufacturer of cinema and theatre seating based on innovative design criteria and materials.

With the extension of its product range to tiered seating and a series of major orders, Patentverwag Italia began manufacturing equipment for sports facilities, rapidly establishing itself as Italian market leader.

In the early 1990s, the company leveraged the growing success of its changing-room lockers and wall-panels to implement a major expansion into factory changing rooms.

Its tiered-seating division diversified into “telescopic” grandstands, receiving orders for fully motorised units containing up to 1,500 seats from both the Italian and European markets.

Dynamism and the constant pursuit of quality are the critical factors behind Patentverwag Italia’s domestic and international success.

Telescopic grandstands
The Patentverwag Italia production plant covers an area of 10,000 square metres, of which 5,000 of which are roofed.
The export division serves customers in 24 countries around the world and accounts for one third of total production.

More than 500 swimming pools and 1,000 changing rooms in golf club, gyms and factories are equipped with Patentverwag lockers, diving boards and platforms, pool edge gratings, lane lines and dive equipment, locker room benches. Some 100 sports centres and meeting halls use Patentverwag telescopic grandstands, and seats for stadiums, many of which are motorised units.