Changing room boxes

Changing room boxes


Changing-room boxes are divided into two well defined categories:
– rotating changing room boxes
– wall changing room boxes
The former ones are typically used only in swimming pool locker areas where they play a few specific roles. These roles are diffusely illustrated in the following paragraph of this catalogue.
The latter boxes are a highly articulated model of boxes, absolutely necessary wher­ever the need arises far locker user to gel changed and wear a specific sport or work piece of clothing.
Rotating changing room boxes have specific characteristics with standard sizes, accepted everywhere, while wall boxes can vary in size, shapes and height to be defined in view of the specific requirements case by case (see the second part of this catalogue).

S 691
Top lining made of stainless steel tube mm. 25 0 and anodized aluminium clips

S 597
Trade-mark on door

S 693
Adjustable stainless steel supporting foot


Rotating changing room boxes are used in swimming pool locker rooms where a strict separation between the bare foot and shod foot routes are required.
This clear separation is obtained by rotating boxes that cover two roles. They are in­deed the actual locker room inside which the user leaves their shoes and vice ver­sa; they are an element of separation between areas obtained by a carefully planned design of ranges of boxes and partition walls.
A supporting stainless steel frame. Stainless steel supports with adjustable stainless steel and nylon feet.
HPL wall panels mm 10 thickness.
HPL door panels mm 1 O thickness. Both doors lock and unlock al the same time with a stainless steel revolving system.
Top anodized aluminium profile lining.

S 851 CRN
Boxes with double door and bench Standard dimensions
Base: cm. 120×90
Total height: about 200 cm
Door height: 150 cm
Note: each row of boxes requires an end element.

End element lor wall fastening Standard dimensions
Base: cm. 120×12718

S 853TCN
End element
Standard dimensions Base: cm. 120×18743

S 857 HRN
Handicapped user boxes with tour spring-hinged doors and inside bench. Standard dimension
Base: about 120×155 circa


Wall changing room boxes are identica! to rotation boxes, bui have a single door and a device to fix them to a wall.
Each row of changing room boxes has a row end section.
Supporting stainless steel structure. Stainless steel tubular supports mm. 45 0 x 2 with adjustable nylon feet.
Walls and doors are made by HPL panels mm. 10 thick.
Door locks with lever latches and optional vacanVengaged indicator.
Top lining consisting of an anodized aluminium profile.
lnner laminated wood bench with anodized aluminium finish.
The changing room boxes for the disabled are equipped with wing doors and special stainless steel spring hinges.

S 861 VAN
Boxes with single door and bench. Standard dimensions
Base: 120×90 cm
Total height: about 200 cm
Door height: 150 cm
Note: each row of boxes requires an end element.

End element
Standard dimension
Base: 120×18+43 cm
Total height: about 200 cm

S 865 PT/PN
End element tor wall fastening Standard dimensions
Base: 120×12+18 cm
Total height: about 200 cm

S867 HVN
Handicapped user boxes with two spring-hinged doors and inside bench. Standard dimension
Base: 120×155 cm
Total height: about 200 cm