Changing rooms for sports centres

Changing rooms for sports centres

The changing rooms in sports centres vary quite considerably according to the quality and type of centre. In fact the range goes from a simple changing room for a football ground to the extremely stylish and luxurious changing room of a prestigious Golf Club.

Consequently, the characteristics of changing room fittings for sports centres vary in quality, finish, material, design and technical characteristics. In order to satisfy its customers’ most varied requirements, Patentverwag Italia, the leader in this sector of the market since the beginning of the 1980’s, has designed and produced five series of lockers, three alternative series of benches, all of which are made of self-extinguishing, corrosion resistant materials: solid grade laminate, stainless steel, anodised aluminium and nylon.

Five series of changing room lockers are currently in production:
spogliatoi sportivi The LIGHT series, featuring high level finishes but aimed towards a reduction in costs and, therefore, in final prices.

The “A” series that is the most popular and which offers high level standards of quality although the load-bearing frame and the anodised aluminium hinges, that go all the way up the side of the locker, are visible.

The CLASSIC series designed to satisfy the requirements of those preferring a classic style to their fittings. As a result no metal parts or strips are visible on these lockers, but only the most varied choice of colour and imitation wood finish: from walnut to teak, from birch to cherrywood.

The GOLF and TENNIS series, the resistance and look of which have been designed to satisfy the requirements of these particular sports clubs.

The K series using top quality materials such as thick solid grade laminate and stainless steel hinges to achieve the highest standard of design, in which the metal parts are built-in and therefore not visible. The sturdiness of this series is proverbial. This is the reason why it is fitted in the most prestigious sports environments.

Finally the three series of benches comprise coated steel models with plastic (ABS) moulded slats, those made entirely of anodised aluminium featuring maximum care for detail and safety of use with moulded alloy joint elements to prevent accidents, and the very stylish models with anatomically shaped seats, the best the market has to offer.

The changing rooms are usually located next to the WC areas for which Patentverwag has designed furnishing units in solid grade laminate, anodised aluminium, nylon and stainless steel: dividing walls, WC and shower cubicles, sink tops and trays for personal items to the most complex type of shelving.

Products based entirely on the highest quality materials that are corrosion resistant, self-extinguishing and resistant to the severest stress, including vandalism.

A light, young series suitable for fitness clubs and gyms. Six models for every requirement, including benches.

The most traditional and popular lockers offering top level stress resistance. Eight models with “L” shaped doors, on benches and in various sizes for every requirement.

Laminate doors 14 mm. thick, stainless steel hinges, solid load-bearing frames made of anodised aluminium: a range of lockers to fit the most prestigious changing rooms available in eight models.

Four models for the traditional changing room in golf and tennis clubs or for prestigious gyms and sports centres. The warm shades of wood can be used to create a classic and comfortable ambiance.

So EXTRA, the new line for changing room lockers, has been put into production with an extremely linear and “clean” design. The new solution allows the use of locker doors with variable thicknesses (from 8 mm. to 14 mm.)

Una linea di armadi tecnologicamente avanzata: ante in alluminio estruso, cerniere a tutt’altezza incorporate nelle ante, pareti in laminato. Otto modelli per ogni esigenza.

Manufactured with extreme care by using top quality materials, the AR-X, AR-Y and AR-T locker series are designed to furnish changing rooms of football, basketball, volleyball and hockey teams.

The LIGHT series of benches for changing rooms has been designed with the main aim of limiting costs and, consequently, the sales price without forgoing quality finishes, design, sturdiness and stress resistance, including resistance to vandalism.

The most advanced series of aluminium benches on the market originates from the design and technical research based on 30 years’ experience. With its proverbial resistance and extremely refined safety finishes, it comprises twelve models for every requirement.

Provided with an anatomical seat made of extruded aluminium, this series represents the most refined and advanced model available on the market. Suitable for the most prestigious sports centres, it offers twelve models that combine perfectly with the HITEC series of lockers.

The benches of the SPA line are designed for traditional changing rooms such as the ones found in wellness centres, high-level gyms and golf clubs, where the atmosphere is typically distinguished by warms shades of wood.

HTL is a line of highly decorative benches that stand out for their brilliant design. The seating surface, as well as its reinforcements and the two lateral supporting structures, has been given colour schemes (matching the lockers) that strongly characterize any changing room in which the benches are placed.

Light, practical and above all resistant to vandalism: these were the characteristics identified by PATENTVERWAG’s technical department for a key-holder for sports environments.

Cablo Floor is a very high quality thermoplastic flooring system with exceptional characteristics.