Shower and WC facilities – Doors – Dividing walls – WC and shower cubicles – Sink tops

Shower and WC facilities – Doors – Dividing walls – WC and shower cubicles – Sink tops

Patentverwag Italia, the leading company in changing room fittings, has extended its range of products to cover items for adjacent shower and WC facilities. These spaces are very complex, requiring the installation of dividing walls to separate the various areas dedicated to showers, WC cubicles and personal hygiene.

The wash areas feature continuous sink tops and mirrors. Even in the complex and varied sector of shower and WC facilities, Patentverwag was the first in Italy to promote the use of very high quality materials which have practically revolutionised the design and practicality of these fittings.

Solid grade laminate (HPL), anodised aluminium, stainless steel and nylon are the materials featured by this range of products.

Corrosion resistant, self-extinguishing materials, featuring characteristics that allow the various fittings to match both with regard to colour and to details of practicality.

The laminate doors can be provided in the same colour shade as the shower and WC cubicles and the sink tops.It is the very use of solid grade laminate that makes this possible and also offers other fundamental advantages.

In fact, the traditional brick-built and tiled shower and WC cubicles with coated wood doors used to lead to various problems (difficulty of cleaning, high building and demolition costs, dubious look of the end result etc.) and are now replaced almost everywhere by new easy to clean, lightweight laminate cubicles that are raised off of the floor on special height adjustable feet and offer an aesthetic design without comparison.

Similar considerations can be made about the sink tops for flush-fitting sinks with very wide surrounding areas designed to hold towels, ashtrays and soap holders.

But there is more. The cost of these fittings is limited compared to the expense involved in erecting traditional brick-built cubicles and dividing walls.

The cost of the new materials is much lower: there is no need for bricks, mortar, plaster or tiles, but just perfect solid grade laminate panels already finished with the particulars and installable in just a few minutes. To modify the layout of the shower and WC facilities or to add extra cubicles for example, the operations are very simple and can be carried out in a very short time.

Finally, the shower and WC facilities boast aesthetic and colour characteristics that are far superior to traditional structures.
Doors, dividing walls, WC and shower cubicles and sink tops all feature the same colour shades, the same finishes in anodised aluminium, nylon and stainless steel.

The WC and shower facilities can also become a real continuation of the changing room as the lockers and benches produced by Patentverwag are made of the same materials and, consequently, are able to offer the same colour shades and look.

Featuring a solid laminate door 14 mm. thick and an anodised aluminium frame, they represent the most advanced type of door available on the market. Various options available for the locks.

Consisting of solid laminate dividing walls 14 mm. thick, they solve all the problems in the WC area of how to separate the spaces and create WC cubicles.

Built to order, they have replaced the traditional brick-built shower cubicles. Featuring a proverbial resistance to water and humidity, they solve every problem in the shower area thanks to the simple and fast way of dividing up the spaces.

Washable, self-extinguishing and extremely resistant, they are made from panels of solid laminate 14 mm. thick and are connected together by special anodised aluminium sections. Made to measure, they solve every requirement.

Made with top quality materials (solid grade laminate, anodised aluminium, nylon and stainless steel) the Junior cubicles are made to measure for the needs of small users in nursery and infant schools for example.