Factory changing rooms

Factory changing rooms

Since the end of the 1980’s, the factory changing room has undergone a radical change.
From a rudimentary, casual place, it has become a complex, highly qualified structure and the object of careful planning and, more importantly, it is governed by precise as well as strict regulations.

In particular, the lockers present characteristics that are totally different compared with the traditional metal lockers. This evolution took place due to the introduction of Law 626 that radically modified the characteristics of this important piece of equipment.

Patentverwag Italia, the leader in this sector of the market since the beginning of the 1980’s, was the first to produce lockers with completely new materials.

From the simple coated laminate and the traditional visible hinges, from the typical turned back metal doors with folds and recesses where dirt and dust could collect, a development has been made towards extremely high quality materials that are corrosion resistant, self-extinguishing and shaped in such a way that they prevent the build-up of dust and enable cleaning work to be done thoroughly.

Very thick solid laminate for the sides, floors, shelves and doors, anodised aluminium sections for the load-bearing corners and hinges, stainless steel for the finishes, nylon for the locks and various devices: these are the materials that have replaced the traditional coated sheet metal.

Moreover, the new technologies introduced by Patentverwag Italia enable lockers to be produced with design, colour, size and functional features dictated by the customer.

In other words, they are practically made-to-measure lockers. This has given rise to lockers of different widths, with rectangular or “L”-shaped doors, a top shelf that is slightly inclined to prevent a build-up of dirt and to prevent objects from being left on top of the locker. Moreover, the lockers are raised about 20 cm. from the ground to make the floor easier to clean.

Lockers with a vertical dividing panel inside to separate every day clothes from working clothes, with a perforated stainless steel shelf to prevent a build-up of dust from shoes and milled doors to allow air to circulate properly. A series of models that is practically limitless, with the widest range of door colours, not to mention the exceptional features for practicality: hinges along the whole height of the door, fitted in the sections and provided with 90° door stops; this prevents the door from coming off its hinges; very precise finishes to offer maximum safety of use, not to mention the special nylon locks provided with a device for resistance to vandalism and the simplification of the opening and closing procedures.

The door can be opened turning the key both clockwise and anti-clockwise (to prevent the keys from breaking) and the locker can be closed without using the key, but simply by closing the door to. A series of innovations that Patentverwag has introduced on the basis of more than twenty years’ experience in the production of lockers for leading Italian and European companies.

Patentverwag has also introduced quite significant innovations in the sector of benches for changing rooms. Instead of traditional benches with a coated metal structure and wooden slats that tend to splinter, cannot be cleaned properly and also burn, anodised aluminium, solid grade laminate, nylon and stainless steel benches have been introduced with highly advanced technical solutions.

The Wellness Series of benches are anatomically shaped, corrosion resistant and have a design that is far superior to traditional models. Some reference names: Coca Cola, Bayer, Ferrari, ST Microelectronics, Brembo, Rovagnati, Mercedes Benz, Agip, Roche, Omnitel, Glaxo are just a few of the names of Patentverwag Italia’s thousands of regular customers.

A light, young series suitable for fitness clubs and gyms. Six models for every requirement, including benches.

The most traditional and popular lockers offering top level stress resistance. Eight models with “L” shaped doors, on benches and in various sizes for every requirement.

Laminate doors 14 mm. thick, stainless steel hinges, solid load-bearing frames made of anodised aluminium: a range of lockers to fit the most prestigious changing rooms available in eight models.

A range of technologically advanced lockers: extruded aluminium doors, hinges incorporated along the whole height of the door, laminate panels. Eight models for every requirement.

The PATENTVERWAG changing room ranges are characterized by their forward-thinking design, allowing the replacement of traditional steel hinges with a revolutionary device, which is as simple as it is effective

The particular use requirements of articles for changing rooms in sports establishments and the considerable diversity of operating requirements mean that two basic prerequisites must be met in designing a complete system of changing room benches

The most advanced series of aluminium benches on the market originates from the design and technical research based on 30 years’ experience. With its proverbial resistance and extremely refined safety finishes, it comprises twelve models for every requirement.

The most popular series of benches made from corrosion resistant and self-extinguishing materials: anodised aluminium, solid grade laminate, nylon and stainless steel. Elegant and practical, the series consists of 12 models to solve every problem connected with the changing room.

The LIGHT series of benches for changing rooms has been designed with the main aim of limiting costs and, consequently, the sales price without forgoing quality finishes, design, sturdiness and stress resistance