Fitness centre changing rooms

Fitness centre changing rooms

The changing room is an important area for the smooth running of Fitness Centres as it represents one of the two fundamental zones of this type of structure. The other important area is the actual gym where customers use the exercise equipment.

For the reasons mentioned above, the fitness centre changing room is also the area that actually characterises the style of the club. If the club is based on a hi-tech style, the choices will fall on fittings with a high technological content, if, on the other hand the club wishes to create a particularly welcoming and cosy atmosphere, more traditional or even a “classic” style of fitting will be chosen.
Leader in the sector since the beginning of the 1980’s, Patentverwag Italia picked up on this variety of trends and created four alternative series to give customers an all-round choice.

The most “neutral” range is the A series in a style that fits into any structure: although the aluminium strips are visible, the doors are available in a practically limitless range of colour shades (more than 120 colours) not to mention the finishes in “fake wood” that characterise the laminates currently in production.

The K series is in a more classical style, without visible aluminium strips and it owes its prestige to its proverbial robustness. The finishes featured by the laminate panels for doors and structures are the same as those designed for the A series of lockers.

As mentioned above, the fitness centre changing room can be highly technological. In this case, the Hitec series is recommended, featuring anodised aluminium structures and doors. The result is a design with great visual impact and a product with very high quality features. In fact, the materials used for this series and for all the others as well are: anodised aluminium, solid grade laminate, nylon and stainless steel.

Finally, for a particularly cosy changing room the “Classic” series has been designed, featuring the warm shades of wood. The laminate used for the doors and structures offers an infinite choice of finishes ranging from teak, cherrywood and willow to beechwood and spruce. The rows of lockers give the impression of a classic wooden furniture unit. The bronze coloured anodised aluminium load-bearing structure is not visible and the changing room presents the more traditional colour shades combined with the exceptional technical-functional features permitted by the use of the most modern materials available on the market.

Four series that accompany the three series of changing room benches produced by Patentverwag Italia: the traditional coated steel benches with moulded ABS slats, the Hitec series featuring an extruded aluminium frame and anatomical seats and finally, the Wellness series in which strips of laminate have been inserted in the aluminium slats of the seat and backrest. This feature allows a unique colour shade to be created for the lockers and benches. From the 120 colours to the 70 imitation wood finishes of the laminate to achieve the most suitable atmosphere for the fitness centre changing room to suit customers’ tastes.

A light, young series suitable for fitness clubs and gyms. Six models for every requirement, including benches.

The most traditional and popular lockers offering top level stress resistance. Eight models with “L” shaped doors, on benches and in various sizes for every requirement.

Laminate doors 14 mm. thick, stainless steel hinges, solid load-bearing frames made of anodised aluminium: a range of lockers to fit the most prestigious changing rooms available in eight models.

Four models for the traditional changing room in golf and tennis clubs or for prestigious gyms and sports centres. The warm shades of wood can be used to create a classic and comfortable ambiance.

The PATENTVERWAG changing room ranges are characterized by their forward-thinking design, allowing the replacement of traditional steel hinges with a revolutionary device, which is as simple as it is effective

A range of technologically advanced lockers: extruded aluminium doors, hinges incorporated along the whole height of the door, laminate panels. Eight models for every requirement.

The LIGHT series of benches for changing rooms has been designed with the main aim of limiting costs and, consequently, the sales price without forgoing quality finishes, design, sturdiness and stress resistance, including resistance to vandalism.

The benches of the SPA line are designed for traditional changing rooms such as the ones found in wellness centres, high-level gyms and golf clubs, where the atmosphere is typically distinguished by warms shades of wood.

HTL is a line of highly decorative benches that stand out for their brilliant design. The seating surface, as well as its reinforcements and the two lateral supporting structures, has been given colour schemes (matching the lockers) that strongly characterize any changing room in which the benches are placed.

The most advanced series of aluminium benches on the market originates from the design and technical research based on 30 years’ experience. With its proverbial resistance and extremely refined safety finishes, it comprises twelve models for every requirement

The typical wooden lath comes from formal choices repeated in time, conditioned by tradition and material availability. However, even more advanced technofogies (plastic or aluminum extension) have led to no substantial changes in the traditional lath size and shape.