Fixed grandstands

Fixed grandstands

The leader in Italy in the design and construction of telescopic grandstands (the company has installed more than 130 for a total capacity of over 60,000 seats) Patentverwag Italia has recently perfected and updated its range of small grandstands to solve the problems that arise in the management of multi-purpose gyms.

In fact, the seating of spectators during sports events becomes a problem especially if grandstands create an obstacle taking up precious space during normal use of the gym. The Patentverwag moveable fixed grandstand is the ideal solution, both when working on a tighter budget, in other words when it is not advisable or possible to install a telescopic grandstand or when the number of spectators is limited to 150 – 300 people or when, for various reasons including the need for more space, the grandstand has to be moved frequently. In fact, these are slender, essential, modular structures that fit-together, are easy to move and can be combined or modified in various ways with the addition of tiers, backrests, handrails and gangways.

The Patentverwag moveable fixed grandstand consists of four basic elements: the grandstand module with three rows of four seats each for a total of twelve seats, one module of four extra seats for the fourth row, the gangway unit and the relevant addition for access to the fourth row. These elements that are light and easy to move are fitted with four swivel wheels and, consequently, they can be rotated vertically and moved, with a minimum of effort, wherever they are required.

Placed vertically, the basic fit-together elements occupy a limited space and, therefore, they can be stored in areas that are not used or are not involved in any way with the gym’s usual sports programmes.

The moveable fixed grandstands can be fitted with three different types of seats: the seat MOD. UNO without backrest, the seat MOD. DUE with low backrest, seat MOD. TRE with a backrest 32 cm. high. Three alternative solutions both with regard to comfort and to cost.
Finally, the small grandstands are provided with a very sturdy aisle made of phenolic plyboard 18 mm. thick with non-slip surface; edged with anodised aluminium strips; the framework consists of electrically welded steel tubes coated with epoxy resins.

All the parts, seats, aisles, accessories and options are made of class 1 self-extinguishing materials with certification in compliance with the safety standards in force.

The Patentverwag moveable fixed grandstand is, to sum up, the ideal solution for all the problems of gyms and an extremely practical, aesthetically pleasing and sturdily built unit (it has been certified for loads up to 600 kg/sq.m. as provided for by the standards).

The problems arising in the management of a multipurpose gym are many according to the different use foreseen. In particular, spectator seating is one of the main problems to solve.

Instead of individual seats, a comfortable, anatomically-shaped bench made of extruded aluminium can be fitted, a solution that enables the grandstand to be exploited to the full as far as the number of seats is concerned. Ideal for outdoor installations.

Provided with comfortable seats with backrest, the grandstands with MOD. TRE/PL seats are recommended for installation in gyms or on outdoor grandstands.

The UNO/PL seats represent an economic but at the same time comfortable solution for fitting on a fixed grandstand. Ideal for gyms and outdoor installation.