Hospital changing rooms

Hospital changing rooms

For obvious reasons of hygiene, the changing room in hospitals is the facility that has undergone the most radical modifications in recent years.

The area has been transformed from rooms that used to be generally furnished with coated sheet metal lockers to qualified areas featuring units with precise characteristics dictated by the most modern trends but also by the introduction of Law 626.

From the traditional metal locker featuring rough finishes, recesses and compartments where dust and dirt collected, progress has been made to highly advanced pieces of equipment made with top quality materials, which are, above all, corrosion resistant and self-extinguishing: solid grade HPL laminate for sides, bottoms, shelves and doors, anodised aluminium for the load-bearing sections and for the hinges, stainless steel and nylon for locks and finishes. Even the lockers designed for hospital changing rooms have progressed.

The lockers no longer offer just one compartment for everyday clothes and uniforms, but two separate, vertical compartments which have a space for footwear at the bottom, and a shelf at the top where instruments and personal items can be placed.

And there is more. The traditional horizontal locker top has been replaced by a sloping one to make it easier to clean and to prevent a build-up of dust on the top of the locker and also to stop objects, clothes and other items from being left there.

The locker compartment in hospital changing rooms is raised quite considerably from the floor to make cleaning operations more effective and the floor more hygienic.

Finally, the materials used are resistant to dents and scratches and do not deteriorate over time. They can be cleaned easily using all types of cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Safety of use is guaranteed by the fact that there are absolutely no sharp edges or corners which are, on the contrary, found in lockers made of bent and welded metal plate.

Doors, shelves, sides and all the parts are bevelled using electronic milling machines that enable the edges of the laminate panels to be rounded with precision.

To improve aeration and cleanliness, the hospital changing room lockers are provided with vents in the doors and around the edge of the shelves, the latter to allow cleaning water to drain away.

Patentverwag has introduced quite significant innovations also in the sector of benches for changing rooms. Instead of traditional benches with a coated metal structure and wooden slats that tend to splinter, are difficult to clean and also burn, anodised aluminium, solid grade laminate, nylon and stainless steel benches have been introduced with highly advanced technical solutions.

The Wellness Series of benches are anatomically shaped, corrosion resistant and have a design that is far superior to traditional models.

The success achieved by the range of Patentverwag lockers and benches for hospital changing rooms has been confirmed by the numerous work orders carried out in this sector of the market.

The Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan and Rome, Istituto Clinica Humanitas in Milan, Umberto 1st Hospital in Rome and Cardarelli Hospital in Naples are just a few examples. Patentverwag has fitted out hundreds of changing rooms in hospitals, spas and clinics.

A light, young series suitable for fitness clubs and gyms. Six models for every requirement, including benches.

The most traditional and popular lockers offering top level stress resistance. Eight models with “L” shaped doors, on benches and in various sizes for every requirement.

Laminate doors 14 mm. thick, stainless steel hinges, solid load-bearing frames made of anodised aluminium: a range of lockers to fit the most prestigious changing rooms available in eight models.

A range of technologically advanced lockers: extruded aluminium doors, hinges incorporated along the whole height of the door, laminate panels. Eight models for every requirement.

So EXTRA, the new line for changing room lockers, has been put into production with an extremely linear and “clean” design. The new solution allows the use of locker doors with variable thicknesses (from 8 mm. to 14 mm.)

The LIGHT series of benches for changing rooms has been designed with the main aim of limiting costs and, consequently, the sales price without forgoing quality finishes, design, sturdiness and stress resistance

The most advanced series of aluminium benches on the market originates from the design and technical research based on 30 years’ experience. With its proverbial resistance and extremely refined safety finishes, it comprises twelve models for every requirement.

Provided with an anatomical seat made of extruded aluminium, this series represents the most refined and advanced model available on the market. Suitable for the most prestigious sports centres, it offers twelve models that combine perfectly with the HITEC series of lockers.