Seats and armchairs

Seats and armchairs

Patentverwag Italia began work in the spectator seating sector at the beginning of the 1970’s and then concentrated on the design and production of shell type tiered seating, in other words seats for stadiums, sports halls and sports centres in general.
It did not take long for the company to go from its first 7,000 shell type seats fitted in the new sports hall in Milan to the completion of important installations.

At present, Patentverwag produces a range of tiered seating that includes models ZERO, UNO, DUE and TRE featuring different backrest heights, two lines of seats with fold-down backrest or seat including models ZX and ZY and two lines of armchairs that can be fitted in stalls and on tiers: the lines LTD and SPA.

A wide range of products that are suitable for equipping fixed prefabricated grandstands as well as telescopic grandstands.

The models of the tiered seating range have some common features such as the design and the finishes.The range varies from the model ZERO, without a backrest and of reduced sizes, to the UNO seat that has a very low backrest 12 centimetres in height, the DUE seat featuring a medium height backrest to the most comfortable seat the model TRE with a backrest more than 30 cm. in height.

The seat models UNO, DUE and TRE are designed in such a way that due to their shape they can be fitted with a supporting frame without the need for screws or other securing devices. This securing system which consists of inserting two horizontal tubes into the structure of the seat, allows the seats to be fitted on two types of framework: the projecting “console” type, to be used in the case of steep tiers, and the one with a simple support to fit the seats on to tiers less than 30-35 cm. in height.

The ZERO and UNO seat models are designed in such a way that they can be joined together to create continuous benches of any length and they can also be fitted on telescopic grandstands instead of the traditional wooden or aluminium benches.
The model ZX and ZY seats are typical models for telescopic grandstands even if they can also be fitted on brick-built tiers or on metal grandstands of the fixed type.

The two lines of armchairs LTD and SPA constitute the top of the Patentverwag range and have been used in prestigious installations such as meeting rooms, for theatre seating and university lecture rooms.Consisting of a steel framework and seats moulded in polypropylene or padded seats, the two lines offer excellent characteristics.

The reduced width facilitates access and movement along the tiers and ranges from ten centimetres when the armchair is folded to a seat over fifty-eight centimetres deep when in use.

From the 1980’s onwards, Patentverwag has furnished hundreds of grandstands, fitting more than 60,000 seats on telescopic grandstands and over 300,000 seats on fixed grandstands.

A few references: the S. Siro Stadium in Milan, the Stadium in Brescia, the Vallelunga Circuit, the Stadium in Aleppo, Syria and hundreds of other prestigious installations in Europe and the Middle East.

Anatomical seats without a backrest, the ideal solution for stadium grandstands and sports halls – an economic solution with a qualified design.

Extruded aluminium bench-style seating. Ideal for outdoor installations, the seating features a proverbial resistance to bad weather, shocks and acts of vandalism.


They represent a solution half way between the UNO/PL seats and the TRE/PL seats, with a medium height backrest. The seats are very comfortable and are ideal for outdoor and indoor grandstands.

Provided with a high backrest, the TRE/PL seats represent the most comfortable solution for equipping prestigious grandstands in gyms, stadiums and wherever events of a longer duration are held.

The ECO series seating represents the most advanced model now available on the market. This model is characterized by a high aesthetic and robustness and its stackable feature, which allows considerable reductions in transport, shipping and installation costs.

The tiers ol seats serie TRE are the neces­sary complement to seats MOO. UNO (see specilic catalogue). Conceived with the same aesthetics and functional abilities seats MOO.

The seats in the EXPO/G range have been designed with the aim of simplifying, as far as possible, the load-bearing structure in order to keep the sales price down.

The LTD seating line has been designed to minimise lateral bulk and maximise surface continuity and regularity. Most molded plastic seats have visible ribbing and strengthening.

The SPA chair line is designed to maximise surface continuity and regularity and folds up to obtain a minimum side bulk.