Swimming pool equipment

Swimming pool equipment

Equipment for public swimming pools is very complex and governed by a substantial range of standards (FIN, FINA) that must be complied with fully.

In fact most of the equipment concerns items used for competition purposes: starting blocks, turning plates, diving boards, lane markers and backstroke turn and false start indicators. Other equipment such as pool edge gratings, ladders, grab rails, moveable bulkheads, moveable swimming pool floors and anchorages for lane markers have less binding characteristics.

Leader in this market in Italy and in Europe, Patentverwag Italia produces extremely successful ranges of products.

A few figures:
Twenty thousand metres of lane markers a year, thirty thousand metres of pool edge grating, 600-700 starting blocks, hundreds of ladders, dozens of Olympic diving boards, not to mention the anchorages for lanes and indicators.

These figures include three types of starting blocks, 8 different lane lines, twenty-one models of pool edge grating including roll-up, bending and straight types, etc.

The diving boards produced in the two heights provided for by the standards, i.e. 3 m. and 1 m., feature important finishes and are made using the highest quality, sturdy, corrosion resistant materials.

The same also applies to the bulkheads that are finished with care for every detail and the moveable swimming pool floors produced in two alternative versions: moveable floors with fixed or adjustable height.

A complete range of products representing the result of thirty years’ experience and constant research into top quality that has led to: reliability, durability and the highest level of aesthetic design.