Ice killer


Special high density polyethylene formulation to obtain high resistance to light and other atmospheric agents, to acids and low temperatures.
Zinc-coated cable ř4mm, covered by a polyethylene film, thickness 1mm, type P2321.
The ballast in stainless steel bar is sealed at the inside of the buoyancy-line.

Standard: blue


Absorbs the thrust of the ice. The ribbed surface protruding from the water facilitates the heating of the air, so that the ice around the buoyancy-line melts. The ice killer then resumes its original thickness, ready to absorb the thrust of any new ice that forms.


The ICE killer-model is placed as shown below. The quantity of lines and the placement depends on:
– the pool dimensions
– the minimum ambient temperature

a – Polyethylene-coated cable (diameter 6) P2321.
b – Solar energy-absorbing part of float.
c – Pressure-absorbing part of float.
d – Weight.
e – Sealed air chamber.
f – Water/ice level.
g – Spacer.

Small pools,
cold climate

Big pools,
cold climate

Big pools,
very cold climate