Moveable bulkheads

For some years now, since the arrival of aqua gym courses, the swimming pool has become the place for a wide range of activities requiring specific equipment.
In particular, “moveable bulkheads” are being used more and more often to divide the pool into two parts, one for the above-mentioned sports and the other for the usual swimming activities.

The moveable bulkhead is basically a large beam, the two ends of which rest on the edge of the pool. The frame is made of stainless steel, covered by a plastic grating that enables the pool to be divided into two parts.
Patentverwag Italia, the leader in Italy in public swimming pool equipment, has recently introduced a “moveable bulkhead” with exceptional characteristics into its production range.

The bulkhead consists of a stainless steel structure that is fitted together by connecting parts with a maximum size of 2.40 m. on the edge of the pool and then lowered into the water using two manual lifting devices or two trolleys. The beam is provided with two end elements both of which are supported on two or three wheels that enable the bulkhead to be moved into any position required.

According to the functions it has to perform, the bulkhead can be provided with starting blocks, handrails and attachments for lane lines.
From twenty metres in length up to a maximum of 28-30 metres, for pools 25 m. in width (10 swimming lanes), the moveable bulkhead has now become an essential feature for the practical running of any multi-purpose swimming pool.Patentverwag Italia has revolutionised the idea of the bulkhead by creating a structure that is extremely easy to assemble by fitting together small lightweight and easy to handle stainless steel parts. This innovation means that the bulkheads can even be fitted on existing pools as large capacity lifting devices or even building site cranes are no longer required.

As previously mentioned, once it has been fully assembled, the moveable bulkhead has a surface featuring a grating consisting of special moulded polyethylene parts of two types: corners and flat parts. The result is a product of absolute perfection and precision that can easily be moved forwards or backwards by hand, is extremely resistant and has an impact-making appearance. The finishes include stainless steel mirror polished corner pieces to prevent accidents.

Patentverwag Italia has now fitted many swimming pools with the new model and amongst these it is worth mentioning the public swimming pool in Viterbo, the pools in Romano di Lombardia, Alghero and Sori as well as installations abroad.

Made to measure in stainless steel they feature a grated non-slip surface. The width varies from 80 cm. to 140 cm. and the height from 120 cm. to 140 cm.

Anchorages are provided for the lane lines, stainless steel handrails, starting blocks and two alternative systems for moving the bulkhead, by pushing it or by using a special lever device.

Numerous pools are fitted with Patentverwag Italia moveable bulkheads: the photographs show the bulkhead in the public swimming pool in Viterbo, and the bulkhead in the public pool in Romano di Lombardia. Other references: the public swimming pool in Alghero and the public swimming pool in Sori (GE).