The swimming pools built a few dozen years ago were characterised by their considerable depth.
Lately, however, in view of the fact that the swimming pool is used for various different purposes, they tend not to be so deep.

To adapt to this trend, “moveable swimming pool floors” have been created, consisting of units made of stainless steel designed to reduce the depth of the pool without the great expense that would otherwise be incurred if the building work of the swimming pool were to be radically modified.

This is not all. Recently, Patentverwag Italia, the leader in the swimming pool equipment sector also started production of “moveable swimming pool floors” with adjustable heights.
As a result, two separate types of “moveable swimming pool floors” are available on the market: the fixed type and the type that is height adjustable.

The traditional type of “moveable swimming pool floor”, the one with the fixed height floor surface, consists of rectangular parts that are fitted together and have four or six supports or “legs” that hold up a surface consisting of a special moulded polypropylene grating.

The height of the “surfaces” that are made entirely of stainless steel can vary from a minimum of 20-30 cm. to a maximum of 150-180 cm.
Obviously, the moveable swimming pool floor with adjustable height is a more complex structure, supported by crossed over uprights holding a large horizontal surface.
The surface is raised by introducing air by means of a compressor into a tank.
Under the upward thrust caused by the air emitted into the tank, the floor lifts to the height required and previously programmed.

To close the structure, in other words to lower the floor, the air simply has to be let out of the tank with the automatic device with the consequent return of the water into the tank itself.
The “moveable swimming pool floor” with adjustable height is used mainly in swimming pools in which different activities take place within a short space of time from each other; for example pools in which a game of water polo is played first for which a regulation depth of at least 1.80 m. is required, followed by a course of aqua gym involving the use of special equipment.

Patentverwag Italia is the leader of this special market sector and has recently fitted the public swimming pool in Sori (GE) with a complex piece of equipment consisting of a bulkhead and two types of moveable swimming pool floors, both the fixed type and the adjustable height type, in order for the pool to be used to the full.

The “moveable swimming pool floor” sector is expanding fast as pools are being used in a more complex and varied way.
Numerous activities take place nowadays in the pool: from swimming to water polo, from aqua gym to underwater diving courses, from swimming courses for children to the training of athletes.

This is a reality that is evolving and making the use of “moveable swimming pool floors” in the two versions described above almost essential.

Made of stainless steel, they enable the depth of the pool to be made shallower.

Made of stainless steel, they are fitted with two devices for varying the height of the floor.