Olympic diving boards

There are many numerous and varied types of diving board available on the market. The range varies from the simplest models for private swimming pools to Olympic diving boards for international diving competitions.

Patentverwag Italia, the leader in the public swimming pool equipment sector, has recently developed two new models of Olympic diving boards based on very exclusive criteria both with regard to the materials used and to their appearance and practicality.

The materials used are rustproof and offer characteristics of exceptional resistance. Stainless steel: used extensively for the load-bearing structure, for the steps and for the handrails. Nylon for the finishes, for the treads of the steps and the highest quality fibreglass for the diving board. For its own Olympic diving boards, Patentverwag has followed a design criteria to match and optimise the competition diver’s entry into the water.

The whole structure of the Olympic diving board, for both the models 1 m. and 3 m. in height, is angled towards the pool to underline the dynamism involved by diving as a sport.

Also the parts holding the diving platform and the devices to adjust the platform support and enable the rigidity of the platform to be varied, have been designed with this aim in mind, just as the handrails and the ladder present a whole that is both formal and pleasing to the eye. Great care has also been given to the design of the details.

One example of practicality is given by the treads on the ladder steps that have an excellent non-slip quality, are highly resistant and offer an outstanding design.
The devices for securing and regulating the position of the diving board have also been designed and proportioned on the basis of the same objectives.

Finally, the base of the diving board support column also has a considerable effect. An edging joins the supporting surface to the column.

The Patentverwag Olympic diving boards are made to measure to adapt to the particular requirements that arise in every pool. In fact, their success is an exceptional achievement proven by the fact that they have been installed in hundreds of swimming pools in Italy and abroad with significant results both in terms of durability and appearance, the latter being a feature that has contributed quite considerably to the success of many installations.

Made entirely of stainless steel, they are available in two versions 1 m. and 3 m. in height, according to competition regulations. High level finishing and complying with FINA STANDARDS.

Made of stainless steel, it is provided with a ladder and a plastic seat. Essential for supervising the activities in a 25 m. or 50 m. pool.