Swimming pool ladders

The swimming pool ladders are divided into two different groups, those for private swimming pools and those for public swimming pools. Private swimming pool ladders are designed on the basis of simplicity and low cost of the product whereas the ladders for public swimming pools, normally called “Olympic” type ladders, have very particular characteristics both with regard to their design features and the materials used.

“Olympic” type ladders are firstly characterised by a very high level of resistance to stress. Patentverwag Italia, the leader in the swimming pool accessories market, uses a tube 45 mm. in diameter and 2 mm. thick for the two side rails: this tube has a mirror polish and is cold bent using special tube benders.These ladders also have two asymmetric handrails, one higher than the other, for reasons of safety, to prevent younger swimmers in public swimming pools from swinging on the two handrails and slipping on the edge of the pool, with the risk of dangerous consequences.

“Olympic” ladders are also provided with a very particular type of step. This step is not the usual moulded stainless steel step with questionable non-slip characteristics and limited resistance, but it is a product created from the combination of nylon elements moulded onto a steel “core” consisting of a square tube measuring 25×25 cm.

The combination of nylon elements enables steps of various lengths to be produced with highly effective non-slip surfaces that are easy to clean.
Finally the system used for fixing the ladder to the edge of the pool: two stainless steel bases with truly exclusive design features are embedded into the floor.

In fact, the two side rails of the “Olympic” ladders simply have to be inserted into these bases that are provided with rubber seals and feature finishes designed to achieve maximum reliability for use both when the ladder is fitted and when it is stored away.

The base is flush with the floor and does not present an obstacle to users as they walk by. Patentverwag Italia produces many various models of swimming pool ladders to suit various requirements arising from the different types of pool edges:

– Ladders with 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 steps
– Ladders for pool edges with overflow channel
– Ladders for traditional type pool edges

A complete range both with regard to design and functionality.

Three models according to the pool deck to water level. Made of stainless steel they feature asymmetric handrails and are provided with stainless steel and injection-moulded ABS non-slip steps.

Made of stainless steel they must be embedded into the floor. Fitted with a device designed to hold the two side rails of the ladders, they have been designed with utmost care for accident prevention features.

The new line of ladders Easyway includes three models.
Each model is produced in four sizes: with two, three, four and five steps. The Easyway line of ladders has been designed taking into consideration the following main features: design, durability, robustness, low price, safety, ease of installation, compact volume and cost-effective logistics.