Water polo equipment

Patentverwag Italia is the leading company in the production of accessories for swimming pools and, consequently also in the production of equipment for water sports such as water polo. In this group of products, the goal represents the most important component. It can be of two types: floating or fixed, to be secured to the edge of the pool. The two models are identical as far as size is concerned as this feature is governed by strict regulations, but they differ with regard to their floating devices.

The floating goal is equipped with two lateral air tanks that ensure the structure is kept perfectly balanced on the water and it is fastened to the edge of the pool by two pairs of lanes. The fixed goal is also equipped with two lateral floaters and is secured to the edge of the pool by means of two stainless steel posts and any knocks are dampened by special rubber spacers. The playing area is marked by external lanes and the size of the area may vary.

The men’s playing area is larger. Also the depth of the water may vary from a minimum of 1.50 m. to a maximum of 1.80 m. as recommended for international games.

The frame of the Patentverwag water polo goals are made entirely of aluminium, a material that is lightweight, resistant and rustproof, all essential characteristics for a piece of equipment that must float and remain as steady as possible on the surface of the water which, during the games of water polo, is often crossed by waves of a certain height.

Apart from the external lanes, the water polo playing area must be equipped with one fundamental accessory: the floating ball-release device that must keep the ball in the centre of the playing area. The game starts when the floating ball-release device is moved to the floor of the pool, releasing the ball for the game.

Water polo goals

The water polo goals are made entirely of steel, a rustproof, lightweight and resistant material and are available in two versions: the floating version and the version to be anchored to the edge of the pool. They have a five-year guarantee.

Water polo field

The water polo playing area involves very complex equipment consisting of goals, line markers, goal line and side lines.
The floating ball-release device that starts the game off is also available.