Wave-breaking lane lines, Accessories for lanes, Indicators

Wave-breaking lane lines, Accessories for lanes, Indicators

The development of lane markers for swimming pools has a long history.
At the beginning they consisted of floats for fishing nets threaded onto metal cables. It did not take long to go from these to blow moulded floats. However, the low level shock resistance of this type of float led to the production of more resistant injection moulded polypropylene versions.

The next step, in the competition sector, was the introduction of wave breaking lane lines featuring special finned elements threaded onto a cable and alternated with floats. These developed over the years until the “prince” of solutions was created by Patentverwag Italia, the leader in the European sector of this market.This product concerned the widespread ranges of the COMP/S series which are still produced in three different sizes, 9, 11 and 15 cm. in diameter.

These wave breaking lane lines feature finned disks the surrounding edges of which are provided with perimetral comb segments that enable one element to be fitted into another. The result is a wave breaking lane line in one piece that contains the blow moulded floats inside to protect them from shocks.

This characteristic makes the COMP/S lane markers extremely long-lasting, enables them to be taken out of the pool very easily and to be unwound from a reel very quickly.

But this is not all.

The wave breaking effect is unlike that of any other wave breaking lane lines available on the market. Tests carried out in the pool have demonstrated the absolute superiority of the COMP/S lane lines compared to other models. Neither has the appearance been overlooked as the particular design of the COMP/S lines bears no comparison with traditional models based on finned disks.

Finally, another no less important characteristic is the reliability of use. It is impossible for the swimmer who may stray from the straight line to risk injury to the hands by catching them between one float and another; this fact should not be overlooked as it is a type of accident that occurs quite often.

It is even safer for younger swimmers to use the pool. There is no risk of injury and above all maximum comfort for anyone who wants to rest for a while held up by the lane markers.
Furthermore, Patentverwag produces two other ranges of wave breaking lane lines; the NO-WAVE range and the ANTI/O range , both of which are available in diameters of 11 and 15 cm.

A truly unique range of products that enables Patentverwag Italia to produce more than 30,000 metres of lane lines a year. In other words, enough to fit at least 150 8-lane swimming pools: a real record!

It is the most common lane line in Italy, easy to handle and roll up, it has a great wave breaking effect.

Used in competitions on an important level, this lane line has a considerable wave breaking effect and a significant visual impact.

This product is used in international competitions as the considerable diameter guarantees the maximum wave breaking effect, enabling record-breaking competition swimming.

This is a very widespread model and is normally used in Europe and in the USA. It offers a good wave breaking effect and a significant visual impact.

Used exclusively in international competitions, it encourages maximum performance. It has been used in various world championships.

This lane line is moulded from soft plastic both for reasons of safety and for its structural features. Excellent wave breaking effect.

Used in top level competition events, it guarantees excellent injury prevention qualities and a considerable wave breaking effect.