Telescopic grandstand

Telescopic grandstand

Telescopic grandstands began life in the USA at the end of the 1800’s and have developed and evolved quite considerably as they enable space to be exploited to the full for different purposes. They are used in congress centres where other activities also take place, in sports centres where exercises, training and competitions alternate and in theatres where various different events take place.

Patentverwag Italia began working in this sector of the market at the beginning of the 1980’s, setting up important structures which, as is well-known, can be opened up very quickly to cater for numerous spectators and can then be folded away to occupy a very small space and stored against the end wall of the hall.

Structures of a more limited size are normally opened and folded manually whereas the larger structures can be motorised for automatic opening, operated by a special remote control device.

The Patentverwag telescopic grandstands are designed to be fitted with a wide range of seating. The range varies from a simple extruded aluminium bench to seats without backs, to shell type seats with folding back or fixed back, to armchairs with or without padding.

This range of solutions optimises the use of the telescopic grandstand to make it more suitable for the type of use expected. Simple benches in aluminium or plastic ( UNO/PL or UNO/AL seats) for gyms and sports halls. Seats with fixed or folding back for installations where events of a certain duration take place and where a certain degree of comfort is required (ZX or ZY seats).

Armchairs with or without padding offering a higher degree of comfort where theatre events take place or meetings of importance (LTD or SPA armchairs).

When open, the telescopic grandstands have the appearance and features of a perfectly normal structure that can withstand a load of 600 kg. per square metre in accordance with regulations and are made entirely of self-extinguishing materials provided with relevant certification.

However, when folded, the telescopic grandstands look like a vertical wall featuring horizontal surfaces that can be provided with panels to close it away. If required, the whole unit can be fitted with a cover that hides the structure from view.

The telescopic grandstands have just two limitations. The floor must be suitable for the structure to be rolled over it on the wheels provided and it must be able to withstand the stress due to the weight of the grandstand and the spectators. Patentverwag Italia has produced more than 130 telescopic grandstands for a total capacity of about 60,000 seats.

The models vary from motorised grandstands with up to 15 rows of seats to small grandstands for gyms with a manual opening/closing system. All the models feature the highest level of finishes and excellent performance, so much so that light maintenance is normally required only after 10 – 15 years of use.

The UNO/PL seat is not only the most economic, but also a comfortable solution for the problem of seating on a telescopic grandstand.

The UNO/AL seat is made of an anodised aluminium extrusion. It can be fitted individually or as a bench to provide an anatomically shaped, comfortable and practically indestructible seat.

The seat is provided with a backrest that folds forwards to enable the telescopic grandstand to be closed. A comfortable and economic solution.

The blow moulded seat and backrest provide an elegant solution for a comfortable seat with a very valid design.

Wherever a high level comfort is required for prestigious events, the LTD armchair is the best solution. Very limited width when folded and very comfortable to use, it can be folded onto the tier floor to allow the telescopic grandstand to be closed.

This is the most prestigious solution. When folded, the LTD chair is only 10 centimetres wide, open it offers a comfortable seat 58mm. deep.

Since the high structural complexity and wide variety of our models and configurations mean it is impossible to provide an exhaustive picture, the following pages offer just a brief overview of our main offers.