Various fittings, storage lockers, deposit safes, entry control and fittings for medical rooms

Various fittings, storage lockers, deposit safes, entry control and fittings for medical rooms

To complete the offer of fittings for changing rooms, entrance halls and WC facilities, a very wide variety of equipment is needed that Patentverwag produces to provide customers with an excellent service and a full range of products for every requirement.

The leading item in this group of products is the deposit safe, an essential fitting for peace of mind in any sports centre, factory or hospital changing room.

These places are used by numerous people and occasionally property and money are stolen from lockers. The damage is not only limited to the goods stolen but often involves damage to the fittings and has repercussions on insurance premiums. More cautious managers solve the problem by installing deposit safes in the reception area that is under staff supervision or controlled by a closed circuit television camera.

People use the deposit safes, leave the key in the changing room locker together with their clothes and in this way prevent personal property from being stolen.

Patentverwag produces a range of deposit safes with three basic models consisting of 20-30-50 safes. The materials used are anodised aluminium for doors and sections, solid grade laminate and nylon for the framework to offer the maximum guarantee of sturdiness and durability together with a design and finish of the highest level.

Non-standard models can be produced to customer orders.

The locks are vandal-proof with a master key, while the keys are double-bitted. The doors are made from ribbed extruded sections with a hinge along the whole length that cannot be broken open.

The storage lockers for left property and bags are one of Patentverwag’s basic products.

They are made using the usual top quality materials, anodised aluminium, solid grade laminate, stainless steel and nylon and offer self-extinguishing qualities and resistance to corrosion.

Standard models are available, although the construction system also means models can be produced in accordance with customers’ requirements.

The range of equipment for entry control is based on a wide range of models for every need. The materials used (stainless steel and nylon) offer the fullest guarantees of a long lifetime and excellent performance.

The fittings for medical rooms include beds for medical examinations, medicine cupboards, waste bins, scales with height meter, stretcher trolleys and various types of chairs and tables.

A range of products to complete the essential fittings for a sports centre.

Built with very high quality materials (solid grade laminate, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, nylon) they are the ideal solution as storage lockers for bags and other items at the entrance to shops and sports centres.

Made entirely of anodised aluminium and nylon, this fitting solves the problem of stolen property from changing rooms.

A wide range of different models to control entry into sports centres, hospitals and factories.

A complete range of fittings to set up a fully equipped medical room.

The locker for storage of clearing material Mod. PX, represent the best available on the market. Constructed of stainless and self-extinuishing Class 1 (with relevant certificate) materials, the locker is equipped with swivel casters for easy movement to facilitate floor cleaning. It was designed to allow easy and perfect sanitation inside the locker compartment and offer furnishing with perfect aesthetic connotations and accurate finishing.